Terms of Use

Updated Date: [05.11.2023]

1. Eligibility

To use the Services, you must be at least 13 years old. If you are under 18, it is necessary to obtain parental or legal guardian consent to access the Services.

2. Responsible Usage

(a) General Use. When using our Services, you agree to respect the rights of others and refrain from any actions that infringe, misappropriate, or violate those rights.

(b) Source Code and Models. You may not attempt to reverse engineer, decompile, or discover the underlying source code of the Services. This includes translating or any other activities that compromise the integrity of the Services unless required by applicable law.

(c) Misrepresentation. You must not misrepresent that the output generated by the Services is of human origin when it is not, or engage in any activities that violate our Usage Policies.

(d) Protection of Children's Data. You are strictly prohibited from sharing any personal information of children under 13 years of age or below the applicable age of digital consent.

(e) Third-Party Services. Please note that any third-party software, services, or products used in conjunction with our Services are governed by their own terms and conditions. We assume no responsibility for third-party products or services.

3. Content Ownership

You have ownership of all content you provide as Input to the Services and receive output generated by the Services based on the Input. As long as you adhere to these Terms, you retain full rights to your Content.

4. Termination of Access

If you fail to comply with these Terms, we reserve the right to terminate your access to the Services without prior notice.